Aestheticism Awakens

  • Event Date: 2017-02-18 Sat 11:42 ~ 2017-09-01 Fri 18:00
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    Place: 展覽室:※ 2, 3 F

Taichung is situated in the middle of Taiwan. As a starting point, Taichung’s geography has made itself politically important for the engineering of Taiwanese culture. Taichung’s regional quality has always been important for the growth of Taiwanese art and local history. “Aestheticism Awakens,” is an exhibition that aims to explore the roots of traditional Asian art. This exhibition is also a reminder of the importance of traditional art and the historical context of the Taiwanese people. More specifically, the exhibition is directed in the origins and influences of traditional Taiwanese art and it’s particular history. Coming with different backgrounds, the selected artists have portrayed their perspective of beauty in their artworks. For this exhibition, we have chosen seven artists that we see particularly suits art education. Through these artists, Asia University’s Museum of Modern Art hopes that the audience will learn and remember the cultural and artistic gifts Taichung has to offer. “Aestheticism Awakens” aims to show the period of enlightenment during the lifetimes of these artists.