Breaking Free

  • Event Date: 2016-02-06 Sat 11:38 ~ 2016-07-28 Thu 18:00
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    Place: 展覽室:※ B

Art is part of everyday life, it is not only a pleasure for the eyes but food for the soul. “Breaking Free” is an exhibition that explores controversial themes happening to the people of today. The show features four artists that break away from conventional views of everyday life, bringing new light to ordinary themes and perspectives. It encourages us to think beyond cultural and conventional boundaries.

These four artists explore different eras and stages of emotion in their personal lives. Their reflection is a form of persistence in their battle against traditional ideas. Their artistic journeys go through imitation to self-reflection then self-creation. Paul Chiang explores the era of abstract expressionism, where he fuelled the post 1960 modern painting movement. Bill Viola uses the repetition of images through out his films. He has an unbelievable creativity, which he is able to let the viewer see through his works. Armand Fernandez explores the ongoing environmental issues and also introduces his artistic style to a new realm: transculptures. Ashin, as a musician and interdisciplinary artist, speaks for the young people of his generation. His own life experiences can also be viewed as an example of the idea of “Breaking Free”