Medication Meditation

  • Event Date: 2016-08-02 Tue 11:40 ~ 2017-02-12 Sun 18:00
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    Place: 展覽室:※ 2,3F

Since the beginning of ‘the human existence,’ the human anatomy has been a home for our spirit.  we protect, feed and explore our bodies. We treat our bodies as a home, a safe haven and we do whatever it takes to keep it alive. For most human beings their own body represents both the most familiar and most unknown of worlds. From ancient times humans have sought to unravel the secret mechanisms of the body, developing in the process a wealth of medical expertise. Curiosity of how our bodies work became a drive for understanding.
This exhibition aims to discover and examine the raw truths of the human body and the relationship between art and medicine. Through our selected artists, Dr. Marie Lin, Dr. Kevin Tsai, Nicolas Stedman, Niki de Saint Phalle, Jason Chi, Liu Shifen, Chen Huiqiao and Aron Demetz, the show takes us through a journey of how the arts and humanities contribute to the medical lives and medical practices to inspire creativity.
Asia University’s Museum of Modern Art presents “Medication/Meditation,” brings the world of medicine and art together, bringing a new realm of appreciation for these practices. We begin our exhibition with Nicholas Stedman’s “Body Language 1,” these 16 pieces by the British artist symbolizes the energy of this exhibition. Nicolas Stedman, walks us towards the metaphorical aspect of this show. Life is like walking a tightrope and each rope encompasses a journey. Everyone is given a beginning and an ending. Our choices in life are the steps we take, the way we are poised and our collectiveness is all within our control. By focusing, we can find ourselves level and content. We have the choice to fuel our bodies with hope.
Taking one step at a time.