Tadao Ando Architecture Exhibition

  • Event Date: 2013-10-24 Thu 10:42 ~ 2019-07-21 Sun 00:00
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    Place: 展覽室:Foyer

This is a Tadao Ando Architecture who is an architect and the designer of the Asia University Art Museum. The exhibition is composed of three groups.

The first group displays the design process of the Asia University Art Museum up until its completion through photographs, models and Tadao Ando’s original sketches. It shows that architecture required long period of time through many studies, examinations and enthusiasm of many people to reach its completion.

The second group displays some of the museums which Mr. Ando designed around the world through his career as an architect up until now.
For every museum design his approach is to create a space specifically for the relationship between the art and the architecture for individual project. 

The third group displays the drawings of the Urban Egg in Nakanoshima project in 1988.
This is an unbuilt project, not led to realization. However, the courage and the passion of him continuously challenging without giving up is the message to the young generation.