Language of Flowers

  • Event Date: 2018-10-06 Sat 12:02 ~ 2019-04-07 Sun 18:00
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    Place: 展覽室:※ 1F、2F、3F

Flowers are continuous reminders that there is beauty in every season. They grow and decay, emphasizing that no living thing is apart from the circle of life. With their quiet strength and fragile beauty, flowers have always been a popular subject in many forms of art. Flowers are generally made up of petals, stem, leaves, and roots. Through visually dissecting this basic flower form, we see its elements reflected in art— dots, lines, and blocks of color that form the basis of drawing, painting, and sculpture, their varying shapes and colors inspiring limitless creations.

We divided this exhibition into 6 main themes—“Flowers and Artistry”, “Flower Interpreted”, “Flowers in Culture”, “Flowers in Design”, “Flowers and Feminism”, and “Flowers and Us”, hoping to lead visitors through an exploration of flowers in art: their different ways of interpretations and portrayals by artists, their historical and cultural significances, their place in design and fashion, as well as their connections to visitors themselves. With the exhibition “Language of Flowers”, we aim to explore the fruitful links between art, nature, and human creativity.