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Recruitment object:
  • Above 18 years old, physical and mental health, speak clearly and well – featured.
  • Need to show service passion and selfless devotion to duty, and should be punctual and team player.
  • Should finish basic training and special training, service 96 and above hours every year.
  • Should be able to work more than 4 hours every week and stay at least one year. You can also attend our irregular speech.
The service time:
  • Morning hours: 09:00am to 13:00, 4 hours.
  • Evening hours: 13:00 to 17:00, 4 hours.
  • Tuesday to Friday for weekly duty
  • Saturday to Sunday for the weekly duty: the annual service should be 96 hours.
  • Should sign in ten minutes earlier in order to be ready for the service


Contents and Regulations of Volunteer Group

Service of the Volunteer Group of Asia University Museum of Modern Art– Contents and Regulations

While on duty, volunteers should serve the viewers according to their needs. When the viewer asks a question, the volunteer should first politely introduce himself/herself as a volunteer, and then meekly answer the question. The volunteer should often say the words like ‘please’, ‘sorry’, and ‘thanks’. He/she should be sincere and honest, express his/her thoughts with words like ‘right’, ‘good’, or ‘yes’ and attentively listen to what the viewer has to say, never forgetting to say ‘thanks; and ‘goodbye’ at the end of their conversation in the best service manner.

I. Service content:
(一)Administrative Group:maintaining security of artworks, maintaining order in exhibition rooms, answering questions from audiences.
(二)Guide-tour Group:A volunteer docent must be moderate and objective in speech; no subjuective political or religious views of his or her own should be expressed. He/she must set an example for the viewer, never to stride the forbidding lines in the exhibition hall, also should tell the viewers not to stride across the lines nor get too close to the artworks.
Guide tour service Administrative service
  • Proving guide tour for exhibitions
  • Assisting to events
  • Promoting events
  • Answering questions from audiences
  • Giving directions of tour and facility
  • Maintaining order and security of artworks
II. Service regulations
  • Be punctual, and accept task adjustments mode by the group leader. Never report to duty late or leave work early.
  • Annual on-duty hours must not be less than the basic service hours set.
  • If unable to come to work on time,volunteers must ask for leave beforehand.
  • For service time transfer or for making up service,volunteers must first obtain permission from group leader.
  • If a volunteer has been absent for three months or has shown undesirable manners at work, the volunteer group may start to process his/her discharge, and cancel or take back his / her volunteer badge.
  • Performance of a volunteer is subject to assessment once a year. Service period of good volunteers will be extended. On the other hand, practical training volunteer badge will be issued to those whose service is not renewed.
  • When entering or leaving the Museum, a volunteer must wear volunteer badge to show his / her status. Volunteer Regulation (Please see the Chinese for details)
    III. Benefits
    1. With the museum’s volunteer ID card, volunteers can have discount on part of items
    2. Can attend events and academic speeches held by the museum
    3. Selected to attend volunteer-related conference by the museum
    4. During service time, the museum provides accident medical insurance
    5. After completing certain service hours, volunteers can be awarded souvenir or free tickets
    6. The museum provide service certificate, honor card and award ceremony.

Education training for Volunteer Group

Education Training for Asia University Museum of Modern Art's Volunteer Group

I. Pre-service education training
According to Item 9 of the Volunteer Service Law; new, prospective volunteers must first accept pre-service education training before becoming regular volunteers. The purpose of such education training is to enable the future partners who intend to participate in volunteer service to understand the spirit, contents and related laws and regulations concerning volunteer service.
II. On-job education training
According to the sequence of various exhibitions, on-job training will be timely given in the form of informal discussions and docent instructions and various services of lectures and related courses for learning will be given on an irregular basis. Ordinary volunteers may select courses to attend, but docent volunteers must receive certain hours of on-job education training.
III. Professional education training
Professional training courses will be given according to the function of our group as well as the tasks entrusted to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, or to meet the needs of special cases. Every volunteer must take: professional education training, those volunteers who have not taken the necessary professional education training courses after the courses have concluded will be discharged.